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MacBook skin - Character


  • Handmade with passion and respect for nature
  • To be engraved with your own logo or design
  • MacBook from 2016? Fast delivery within 1 or 2 working days
  • Free green shipping from €30,- within NL


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Wooden MacBook skins from Kudu

The wooden macbook skins, perhaps the most beautiful product of Kudu. Wow! What an end result! Hand finished, coated with multiple layers of oil and no less than 0.8mm thick. The result is a well-protected MacBook cover that is stylish, elegant and durable. In short: a top product made with precision.

Perfect protection for your MacBook Pro or Air

Beyond the looks, Kudu's MacBook skins protect perfectly against bumps or scratches. With the well-finished wood and the 3M adhesive layer, this means it is a durable cover that will last a long time. For extra protection, we recommend adding a skin to the bottom of the MacBook as well.

Handmade wooden MacBook sleeves in the Netherlands

All MacBook Pro and Air skins from Kudu are handmade in our workshop in 's-Hertogenbosch. From raw wood to strong and stylish MacBook skins. Twice finished with traditional Tung oil and Carnauba wax for optimal protection and a soft touch. Experience the feeling of quality for yourself!

Design your own MacBook skin!

Besides our own Kudu line we also offer an extra service: personalize your wooden iPhone MagSafe case and have your own logo, name or design engraved on your new case. Made especially for you in our workshop and then engraved with your own design, logo and/or name. Once you have placed your order, mail your idea with logo to us. On Thursday, we will create digital drafts of your personalized sleeve. Then you will receive an email with the designs you can choose from. Then on Tuesday we'll engrave your sleeve. Easy!

Wooden MacBook skins for different models

At Kudustore you can find wooden MacBook covers for different models. In our assortment you will find covers for:

MacBook Pro:

  • Macbook Pro 16 inch (2021)
  • Macbook Pro 14 inch (2021)
  • MacBook Pro 13 inch M1
  • MacBook Pro 16 inch
  • MacBook Pro 15 inch
  • MacBook Pro 13 inch
  • MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina
  • MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina
  • MacBook Pro 15 inch (old model)
  • MacBook Pro 13 inch (old model)

MacBook Air:

  • MacBook Air 13 inch M1
  • MacBook Air 13 inch (2018)
  • MacBook Air 13 inch (old model)


Kudu cooperates with Trees for All. This organization plants trees in the Netherlands and abroad to combat deforestation, create local employment and filter CO2 from the air. Kudu uses wood and therefore wants to do something good back for people and nature. This way we make sure that more trees are returned to nature than we use for our products. Per product sold, Kudu donates fifty cents to Trees for All. For every twenty products sold, one tree is planted in the Netherlands and one in Uganda.

Delivery time of wooden MacBook skins

On Friday we will make digital drafts of your personalized sleeve. Then you will receive an email with the designs from which you can make a choice. Note: also check your SPAM box. Then on Tuesday we will make your sleeve. On Thursday or Friday it will be ready for shipment.

Currently, all of our MacBook skins are made to order. Delivery time of these is a little longer than you are used to from us.

In doubt about the right design, the model of your MacBook or something else? Ask your question online here!

Made with precision and worn with pride....

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