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The new sustainable promotional gift!

27 Sep 2018 | Blog

Are you looking for a fun, eye-catching business gift for your associates? It's really not easy to come up with an original business gift. Consider Kudu. All Kudu products are handmade and each one is unique: only one of each Kudu product exists! Just like yours.

Wooden iPhone skin as a business gift

A wooden iPhone skin or iPhone cover is 0.7 millimeters thick. The cover is custom made by hand and therefore fits perfectly on your iPhone. Each iphone case is finished with a white or black bumper.

The Kudu skin can be pasted on your iPhone without damage and is also easy to remove again without damage to your iPhone. When you purchase a Kudu skin you will receive an explanation on how to apply the cover. You can easily attach the Kudu cover like a regular iphone cover.

Personalize your wooden iPhone cover

You can choose from different types of wood in which your iPhone cover will be made. So you decide what your cover will look like. In addition, you can have your name, company name or logo engraved on the cover. A wooden iPhone cover from Kudu is 100% to personalize!
Do you have a specific question regarding your wooden phone case?


Kudu works together with Trees for All. This organization plants trees in the Netherlands and abroad to combat deforestation,
create local employment and filter CO2 from the air. Kudu uses wood and therefore wants to give something good back to people and nature.
In this way, we ensure that more trees are returned to nature than we use for our products.
Per product sold, Kudu donates fifty cents to Trees for All. For every twenty products sold, one tree is planted in the Netherlands and one in Uganda.

Curious about the possibilities and prices? Take contact with us.

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