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Real wooden Playstation 4 skins from Kudu!

05 Feb 2019 | Blog

A must have for every man and woman with taste! Genuine wooden Playstation 4 skins. For people who take pride in the interior. Country, modern or classic? No problem. Wood comes back in every interior, right?

The problems of modern times...

The problems of the modern age: The man or the child wants to play Fortnite. The times of Don't Make Miserable at the table are now a thing of the past. Instead, they go and play games with friends. Not bad in principle, BUT for that you need a Playstation. And a Playstation does not really match any interior. Because what are those Playstations still clumsy and also ugly ...

The solution: Wooden Playstation 4 skins

My Playstation 4 should NOT be seen. I have restyled it to a device that blends in with the interior. Even the controllers. Super cool! And actually super simple: With the wooden Playstation skin from Kudu. You cover the Playstation with wood as thick as 0.7 mm. New technology that ensures that the wood stays put and does NOT come off (unlike stickers and the like). Currently available for all Playstation 4 models and available in bamboo and American walnut. Or Discipline and Intelligence, as Kudu calls them.

Super durable!

Besides the wooden Playstation skins are cool and beautiful, there is also thought about the environment. The products are super sustainable! Per sold wooden Playstation skin we donate € 0.50 cents to Trees For All. An organization that plants trees in the Netherlands and Uganda to combat deforestation and CO2 pollution. In fact: MORE nature comes back than they take. Also a fun fact: the wooden Playstation skin is finished with sustainable oil from Windshoten.

Your wooden Playstation skin designn

The wooden Playstation skin is normally delivered without engraving. However, this is possible! For example, if you are a fan of a certain soccer team or your family is dear to you and you want to engrave the names on it, then this is all possible for an additional charge of €15.

Did you get interested after reading this blog in a wooden Playstation skin from Kudu? Then go to the website and sign up for the newsletter and follow the progress. Also very cool to give as a gift to your friends or family. If there is enough interest we will launch this product soon! Business Interested? Also take contact at.

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