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Airpods Pro case - Black


  • Optimal protection against drops, bumps or scratches
  • Made of scratch-free material
  • Fast green delivery within 1 or 2 working days
  • Free shipping from €30 within NL

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AirPods Pro cases from Kudu

AirPods Pro Cases From Kudu, a new member within the family. A perfect combination of style & technology. This time no wood, but the basic material from which the phone covers are also made: Durable TPU. A plastic that is best described as a perfect middle ground between hard and soft.

Perfect protection for your AirPods Pro

The choice to use TPU is that it has many advantages. It makes the AirPods cases shock absorbent, dimensionally stable, non-fragile and hardly gets scratched. In addition, it is 100% recyclable and does not attract dust. Together with a thickness of 2.5 mm, this means that it is a sturdy case that will protect your AirPods for years.

User-friendly design

To arrive at the perfect AirPods Pro case, one of the design features we chose was a loose "cap" that allows the case to open smoothly and easily. During the first rounds of testing we noticed that the use of a cap that was attached to the bottom led to a product that is not user-friendly at all. The AirPods opened stiffly and not fully. This caused irritation in use.

Another feature we added to the design is a half 0-ring. From this you can hang a carabiner, allowing you to attach the AirPods to, for example, your pants so they are always within reach. Handy during your work or sport.


Kudu works together with Trees for All. This organization plants trees in the Netherlands and abroad to fight deforestation, create local jobs and filter CO2 from the air. Kudu uses wood and therefore wants to do something good back for people and nature. In this way we ensure that more trees are returned to nature than we use for our products. Per product sold, Kudu donates fifty cents to Trees for All. For every twenty products sold, one tree is planted in the Netherlands and one in Uganda.

Delivery time

Kudu AirPods sleeves Have a delivery time of 1-2 business day(s). For Belgium 1-3 business day(s).

Do you have any questions for us? Call or contact us online at the customer service.