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Car Magnet Holders

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Are you also tired of the messy situation in your car as your phone flies around everywhere? Then it's time to choose a magnetic car holder from KUDU Store. Our car holders are not only functional, but also stylish and easy to use.

Magnetic attachment

Our car holders feature a powerful magnet, allowing you to attach your phone easily and securely. All you have to do is attach the included metal plate to the back of your phone and then place it on the magnet. This way you always have your phone within easy reach and can safely navigate while driving.

Different models

At KUDU Store, we have a wide range of magnetic car holders suitable for different phone models and cars. Whether you are an iPhone or a Samsung user, we have the perfect car holder for you. Moreover, our car holders are suitable for all types of cars and can be easily attached to the ventilation grid or dashboard.

Stylish design

In addition to functionality, our car holders also have a stylish design. They are made of high-quality materials and have a sleek and modern design. As a result, they fit perfectly in any car and give a luxurious look to your interior.

Easy to use

Our magnetic car holders are easy to use and install. They come with an instruction manual and all the necessary parts, so you can easily attach the car holder yourself. Moreover, you can easily attach and detach it without causing any damage to your phone.

Choose the best car mount

Make driving safer and easier with a magnetic car holder from KUDU Store. Our holders are not only functional and easy to use, but also have a stylish design. Browse our selection and choose the best car holder for your phone and car.

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