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New Kudu product!

27 Oct 2018 | Blog

New product!

Kudu never sits still either... What are you guys making then? Well, um...

Samsung s8, s8 plus, s9 and s9 plus cases!!! For the real man. Finally also for the Samsung fans.
Handmade and no less than 1 mm thick. How cool!

Available in wood types: wenge, walnut, bamboo and zebrawood.
Also cool as a gift right?

Just a quick rundown of all the benefits:
- Provides the best protection
- Made of real wood
- Only 1 mm thick
- Handmade
- Still wirelessly rechargeable
- Does not affect the heat
- Engravable, so your own (soccer) logo on it? (€9,95-

Price €29.95! Be the first among your friends and preorder now! Go to the Samsung page here and see if there is anything in between for yourself!

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