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Trees for All & Kudu Company

Trees for all and kudu company

Kudu cooperates with Trees for AllDeze organisatie plant in Nederland en daarbuiten bomen om ontbossing tegen te gaan, lokaal werk te creëren en CO2 uit de lucht te filteren. Kudu maakt onder andere gebruik van hout en wil daarom iets goeds terug doen voor mens en natuur.  Op deze manier zorgen we ervoor dat er meer bomen in de natuur terugkomen, dan dat we voor onze producten gebruiken.  Per verkocht product doneert Kudu aan Trees for All

Within the Netherlands, trees in the Walloon forest and Biesland forest planted. In Uganda, Costa Rica  and Bolivia The fight against deforestation in the rainforests is intense. Trees can grow into real forest giants of up to 50 meters high. Just think how much CO2 these fast-growing trees absorb every year! It works both ways: it creates local employment and gives back living space to endangered species such as the chimpanzee and the jaguar.

Trees for All in figures

In Mali Trees for All has planted 4 million shrubs that provide climate nuts (Jatropha curcas) for local farmers. The shrubs form a natural hedge around fields. The roots retain moisture which benefits crops. In addition, these shrubs provide nuts from which biodiesel can be pressed.

In Netherlands Trees for All has planted forest in recent years. Among other things, the Bentwoud, Venneperhout, Park21, the Wehlse Broeklanden and the Klinkenbergerplas have been expanded thanks to the organization.  

The deforestation of Mount Malindang on the Philippines has in the past led to widespread erosion, flooding and mudslides. This with dramatic consequences for agriculture in the lower lying areas. With the support of Trees for All, the forest has been restored and is being managed sustainably.

In Malaysia Trees for All has worked for years to restore the tropical rainforest in the Danum Valley Reserve in Borneo. This has contributed to more flora and fauna in the area.

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