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The cutest way to protect your phone

Dec 10, 2020 | Blog

IPhone, Samsungs, Huawei or a Motorola. There are countless types of phones and no one can live without one. Quickly send an app or check your mail. We use our phones every day and that is why we are probably prepared to spend hundreds of euros on it. A precious product that deserves to be protected. In this blog we have listed the best phone cases for you, so you not only have the best protection but also the most original phone in your possession.

Leather phone cases

It's almost impossible that you haven't come across it yet. The leather phone case. They are super convenient and give good protection to any model of phone. The most common variety is the flip case also known as a book case. This is a case that attaches behind the phone and goes over the screen of the phone with a "flap". A double protection for the screen of your phone. Perhaps the main reason the leather flip case is so popular is the storage compartment. Usually suitable for cards, some even for change.

Some people find the size of the flip case a disadvantage. You have to put the flip behind the phone first, before you can use your mobile. Then the back cover is a better model. You attach this around the edges of your phone. Because the edge is slightly higher than the screen, it is still a good way of protecting your phone. Where previously these cases were only made of plastic, they are now also made of leather.

Phone cases print

Above we already described a few things about the leather phone cases. Hardcover or bookcase. You have them in different shapes and sizes. You also have different materials to choose from. For the truly creative a standard cover is not enough. Are you creative and do you want an original phone case? Then print it yourself. Such a print can be with your own design or photo

Transparent phone case

Cell phones come in different shapes, but these days they also come in multiple colors. The latest IPhone, for example, is available in five colors. Then you not only have the standard black color, but for example a red phone. If you go for a special mobile with a unique color, then you want it to be seen too. A see-through phone cover is the solution. These are the phone covers that are placed only on the back. Because of the transparency you can see the whole phone and thus also the chosen color..

You can do even more fun things with see-through phone cases. These days, little pictures are totally hip. These are the polaroid pictures. The nice thing about them is that they are exactly the size that fits behind the phone. When printing a phone case, you have a choice of one print. The transparent phone case with Polaroid picture can be exchanged. You buy the cover once and then change it with your best photos.

Wooden phone cases

Above we described the true classics. See-through cases and the popular leather bookcase. It is of course the intention to finally name the best case. In our case we have found the perfect case. An original phone case that also offers good protection and durability.

At Kudustore, they sell back covers. The original cases they carry are a combination of the cases described above, but durable. This is in the material used. All of Kudustore's phone cases are made of wood. A perfect combination of nature and technology. The models are the same, only the type of wood differs. The wooden back with a black border creates an original phone case with a classic effect. The nice thing is that this case can be completely customised.

While ordering, you choose your ideal wood type. This will be the color of the wooden phone case. In total there are four colors going from very light to dark. In addition to choosing the type of phone, there is also the possibility of having your own design engraved on the cover. Non-personalized phone covers are, if ordered before 16:00, shipped the same day. Delivery to Belgium takes a little longer, the delivery time is then one to three working days. Personalized phone cases are engraved on Tuesday, after that the shipping is just like with the "standard" case.

The rating of kudustore.com at WebwinkelKeur Reviews is 9.4/10 based on 227 reviews.