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The first B2B pilot is running! And successfully so. This time in collaboration with Dss Accountants & Belastingadviseurs whereby forty customers are provided with a wooden Kudu cover with their own logo. However, how do you create a personalized wooden phone case for forty customers? Without burdening the customer?

Since Kudu is increasingly focusing on the B2B market, a good solution had to be found to solve this issue.

Dss Accountants & Tax Advisers wants to give its clients a wooden iPhone or Samsung case from Kudu as a gift, and provide it with their own logo and name. BUT how do you create a precisely tailored wooden phone case for forty clients? Exactly the way they like it? Who has what phone? What type of wood do they like? Do they want just the logo engraved or also their name? How do we get the logo? Email everyone? Way too much work... That's why we came up with this:

A solution where we develop a personalized landing page for our client. 
A landing page? Yes! Basically your own piece of webpage with your own web link, logo, text and any other information that is desired. Super cool!

Section of the landing page

The client only supplies the mail addresses with the relations who get to pick a personalized Kudu sleeve. We draft the mail, send the mail on behalf of the client, the relations receive the mail, click on link in the mail and give their preference. The cover is custom made for each and sent directly to the address.

Dss Accountants & Tax Advisers is completely unburdened and its relations receive a personal, handmade gift. 

Interested in surprising your relations? Request a quote without obligation or have a chat with us. Take here contact.
Possible from €22,50 excl. VAT per cover.

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