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Airpod cases from Kudu: Mysterious, powerful and unique design

08 Mar 2021 | Apple, News

Airpods are one of Apple's newest accessories. For a hefty sum, you get wireless earbuds that allow you to listen to your favorite music with ease. The wireless earbuds have a mini battery inside them.

You charge these using the included charging case. Apple has two variants, the Airpods and Airpods Pro. For both models, Kudu has unique and durable Airpod cases. Are you curious? Read about Kudu's Airpod cases below.

AirPods case - iPhone case- MacBook case - Kudustore.com


Kudustore was born out of love for nature. The owner of Kudu has South Africa as his second homeland, which is also where the fascination for Kudu originated. What many people do not know is that Kudu stands for Kudu. This is a large antelope that lives in Africa. An impressive animal with large antlers, which can be seen on the designs of Kudustore. The Airpod cases can be ordered in white with a black Kudu or in black with a white Kudu. The combination of the single color with the impressive Kudu gives a strong and powerful design with a mysterious character.

White AirPods cases


Not only are the design of the cases unique, so is the fit. Airpods come with a charging case. When you're done listening to music or when your Airpods' battery runs out, you put them in this case. The charging case then allows the battery to charge and your Airpods are protected. However, this charging case is not protected against such things as scratches. For this, you need to purchase a case.

The unique thing about Kudu's Airpod cases is the fit. This is because the case consists of two parts. At the "hinges" on the back of the case, this leaves an open space. This makes it easy to open and close the case. With many other sleeves, this is not the case. The top and bottom of the Airpod case are attached to each other, this hinders when opening and closing the case. Kudu has found a solution to this. The Airpod cases with two separate parts.



Characteristic of Kudustore is its sustainable nature. After all, Kudu was created out of love for nature. This is reflected in the cooperation with Trees for All. Together with this foundation Kudustore compensates for the felling of trees. After all, trees are indispensable to the world. For every product sold, Kudu donates fifty cents to Trees for All. For every twenty products sold, one tree is planted in the Netherlands and in Uganda.

In addition to this sustainable partnership, Airpod cases are also a sustainable choice. Despite using plastic, you can still recycle them for 100%!

Delivery and Shipping

If you order from Kudu, you can count on fast delivery. Do you order before 16:00? Then the cases will be delivered the next day! Sustainability is also reflected during the delivery of your order. The packaging contains a minimum amount of plastic. In addition, the box around the cases is completely in Kudu Style. A black box with a large Kudu printed in the middle.

In short: The unique, powerful cases with a mysterious look are a real must have for your Airpods. Have you become enthusiastic? Then order here your Airpod case from Kudu. Still have questions? Then feel free to contact with our customer service department.

The rating of kudustore.com at WebwinkelKeur Reviews is 9.4/10 based on 227 reviews.