Logo V2 Ujese Kwis
Logo V2 Ujese Kwis
Logo V2 Ujese Kwis

The origins of Kudu

Kudu was born out of a love of unspoiled nature. With South Africa as his second homeland, the owner developed a fascination with the kudu. A animal that distinguishes itself from others. The kudu is strong, intelligent, shows character and possesses discipline. Strong by its size and mighty horns. Intelligent by using her sharp hearing as a defense mechanism. The kudu shows discipline by constantly searching for the best habitat and shows character by protecting her family against intruders. Sometimes even to the point of death. These wonderful traits are a great foundation for the Kudu brand.



In Kudu's products, the love of nature back. Wood is warm, timeless, alive, workable and never the same. The wooden covers are available in the wood species Discipline, Intelligence, Character and Strength. All wood species with their own look and character. From a light to coarse grain. Our products are made with the handmade. From raw wood to a sleek finished product. Finally, for optimal protection, the wood is finished with natural oils for a pleasant feel.

Each Kudu product is handmade and therefore unique. Because we work with a natural product, not one skin or phone case is the same. We like to go one step further. It is possible to personalize your phone sleeve and MacBook skin. You can have your own logo, name or pattern engraved. A nice form of advertising and cool as a personal gift or as a gift to a friend. promotional gift!

Stef van den Bosch is the founder of and the creative mind behind Kudu. It took no less than a year and a half before Kudustore.com was online. Among other things, perfectionism and developing the perfect Kudu cover are the reasons for this. Now some time later, the result of all that hard work can be seen.

The rating of kudustore.com at Webshop Keurmerk Customer Reviews is 9.3/10 gebaseerd op 267 reviews.